The 2022 edition of the Reliance Enthuse themed “Evolving into a Global Brand” kicked off with a bang on the 9th of March 2022. The annual event organized by the Reliance Group (Reliance Infosystems, Cloudware Africa, Digitank, Plunge Smile, and Careerdemy) brought together special dignitaries from various industries, top decision-makers, senior executives, and staff of the Reliance Group from Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya, and Pakistan.

The 5-day strategic event lived up to expectations as it featured epic learning sessions delivered by leading experts from different sectors, vision boarding, team-building activities, as well as fun activities to further foster team bonding.

Opening the event, Mr. Olayemi Popoola, Managing Director of the Reliance Group, delivered a welcome address and set the tone for the 2022 edition as one that is focused on grooming mindsets and enabling organization-wide awareness in preparation for digital transformation exploits and the aggressive expansion that lies ahead. His words also highlighted why the Reliance Group places so much importance on human capital and invests greatly in its talents.

“At Reliance Infosystems, we reflect on the fact that human intellectual capital sits at the nucleus of the value-creating framework such that real progress made across other forms of resources recognized in accounting namely monetary, physical, relational, and organizational resources are only possible when the so framed intangible human intellectual capital resources are well harnessed,” he said.

On day two of the event, Reliance Group played host to the co-founder of Tekedia Institute, Prof. Ndubisi Ekwere who took everyone through an immersive session on ‘Equipping Today’s Talents to Fuel our Global Ambition”. Prof. Ndubisi’s words were in sync with the goal of Reliance Group to intensify its market penetration efforts, expand to new territories, dimension customers’ challenges, and deliver impeccable solutions at every stage of its journey.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Ndubisi highlighted the fundamental pillars for business growth, citing knowledge, capital, and labour as essential factors. He further identified people, processes, and tools as key elements driving sustainable growth.

The third day of the retreat started with teachings on “The Collective Responsibility of Becoming an Impactful Yet Profitable Organization”. The CEO of UPDC Plc, Mr. Odunayo Ojo, who delivered the insightful session spoke on the importance of global impact, emphasizing that impact begins at the individual level and should take precedence over financial gain. In line with Reliance Group’s approach to digital transformation which focuses on inspiring innovation, empowering

industries, and transforming the world, Mr. Odunayo reiterated the importance of becoming agents of change wherever we find ourselves.

The baton of inspiring and insightful sessions was then passed to Mr. Rufai Oseni, a Broadcaster, Tech-Enthusiast, and Global Speaker who spoke on the topic “A Revolution is here”. Mr. Rufai reiterated the importance of a culture that normalizes exceeding customer expectations, and he encouraged every member of the Reliance Group to be pioneers of transformation.

To create the future that we desire in our fast-changing world, we must innovate. The importance of innovation cannot be overemphasized, and that explains why the fourth day of the 2022 Reliance Enthuse started with an insightful presentation on “Leading the Way in a Rapidly Changing World”. The session was delivered by Mr. Olakunle Ogedengbe, the CIO of British American Tobacco who spoke on how organizations can create real change by being consumer-centric, responsible, and credible.

Mrs. Chidinma Maduka, Head of Human Resources & Corporate Services at Falcon Corporation Limited, delivered the second session of the day and spoke on why “Every Employee is a Love Story”. She stated that every employee is in a relationship with his or her organization, and it takes good employee engagement for an extraordinary love story to unfold.

For the third session of the same day, Mr. Bolaji Ogunyemi, Snr. Mgr. Employee Experience, Nestle Central and West Africa Region spoke on “How to Build a Winning Organization”. He stated that for organizations to thrive in our changing business world, digital transformation is required. He concluded his presentation with the words, “IT gets you global”.

The Commercial Director of GE Healthcare, Mr. Tomide Makanjuola, also delivered an eye-opening presentation on the topic “Winning Strategies for Territory Acquisition: A Sales Perspective”. He provided insights into the strategies required to enter a market and increase market share.

Reliance Enthuse 2022 was a huge success, and the Reliance Group is more than ready to break new frontiers, conquer new territories, and continue to win with its customers as it evolves into a global brand.

…and the digital revolution continues.

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