Software Vendors Program

Develop better software, grow, and maximize profitability with the Software Vendors Program

About Software Vendors Program

The Reliance Infosystems Software Vendors Program aims to assist independent software developers in creating, testing, and deploying their applications on Microsoft platforms. The program provides technical assistance, support, and resources to independent software vendors (ISVs) to help them develop and market their solutions using Microsoft products such as Windows, Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365.

Reliance Infosystems understands the need to maximize profitability while building innovative solutions, hence the need for this program. By joining the software vendors program, you stand to benefit from technical assistance, gain access to training and certification programs and co-marketing opportunities.

The software vendors program provides a range of benefits to assist ISVs in making the switch from creating legacy applications to creating cloud-native ones, allowing them to deliver scalable solutions, guarantee uptime, and boost income. Additionally, it offers workshops to hasten ISVs’ migration to the cloud, adoption of scalable development practices, modernization of their current applications, and creation of new cloud-native apps. ISVs can also take advantage of the free app modernization consulting, Azure credits, and discretionary access to other digital transformation solutions.

The Software Vendors Program Offerings

Business model review and redesign

This involves looking at the IP of the ISV to evaluate the market it is currently serving and how we can help extend that market and/or expand its offerings. It also extends to a review of the current posture of resources, processes, and business priority of the organization for alignment or/and augmentation

Technology platform review and redesign

With the help of workshops, we examine ISVs’ platforms for modernization, optimization, security, and scaling gaps. We then redesign and re-architect the platform to align with the new business model. We compute and project Azure hosting cost structure for the solution, aligning the same with the ROI model

Upskilling of ISV’s team of developers

We provide upskilling programs for ISV developers team to attain adequate competencies to allow them to participate in the development of the redesigned platform. We also provide the developers’ team with certification vouchers

Co-development with eligible ISVs

Working with ISVs’ in-house developers, we co-develop the re-architected platform while guiding them on best practices approach

Hosting and Transitioning to Azure

We host/migrate solutions to Microsoft Azure and fund the hosting with up to $10,000, depending on the cost structure developed at the technology platform review stage

Onboarding of ISV as a Microsoft partner

We facilitate the onboarding of ISVs as Microsoft partners to gain access to all partner benefits associated with their competencies

Terms & Conditions Of Participation

ISV must sign the statements of work guiding all intervention stages

Reliance Infosystems reserves the right to discontinue the intervention if we determine that the business model is not viable or does not align with our strategic objectives

Unless Reliance Infosystems so determines, participating ISVs are not able to opt-out at any of the stages.

Participating ISV must align with the program schedule and cannot demand the reversal of any modification to the platform, model, or hosting once executed.

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