Case Study: Azure App Service and DevOps, Vetiva Capital Management

Vetiva Capital Management, Lagos, Nigeria
Financial Services
Needs Expressed
  • Upgrading core application to web application.
  • Migrate the core application from on-prem to azure
  • Application variable protection
Benefits Realized
  • Reduced TCO
  • Greater ability to integrate the central LOB/ER
  • Reduced time to introduce new features
  • Increased operational flexibility
  • Remote work and business continuity
Vetiva utilizes several applications to support its business functions. The custom ERP central to their operations needed to evolve to support Business Agility and enhance profitability.
The corona virus struck and Vetiva needed to evolve its desktop application to accommodate business continuity and remote work policy.
Vetiva was incurring extra cost from both running the system on WDE and its IT infrastructure on-prem. Power is a problem in Lagos, and this implies spending huge amounts on Diesel Fuel every month to keeps the lights on. Frequent power outages meant the inability to work over the weekends. It also meant several services were not available to staff operating remotely.
The objective of this implementation was multiple fold – dropping OpEx cost, enabling Remote Work, and ensuring Business Continuity.
Use of service principal and azure key vault to manage deployment and application variables. Use of WAF in protecting the customer portal and use of load balancer to on the customer portal. Use of Azure Monitor and application insights to track performance and downtime. Migration of the on-prem core application to the Azure using App Service.
The system was migrated in 3 days. It started on a Friday. By Sunday, the Vetiva team started testing to confirm that all components of the app was fine. This was to enable them trade from the Monday being a business day.
The migration process included the GriffinERP team of Reliance and the IT unit of Vetiva.
The planned goal of not disrupting normal operational workflow of Vetiva was achieved.
Solution in Action
Vetiva uses the GriffinERP as their core application along side their trading platform. There are plans to convert GriffinERP to become the trading platform and also integrate with CSCS, and NSE.
Vetiva’s expenditure dropped significantly. The migration to Azure App Service has helped Vetiva to save over $6000 dollars which they would have spent in procuring user licenses for WDE.
Vetiva's Story
  • Vetiva Capital Management started out as a lone firm but over time morphed into a group of companies each focusing on different aspects of the Financial Services Value Chain.
  • Vetiva has a diverse and continuously expanding portfolio of products.
  • Vetiva’s customer base has continued to grow over the years.
  • Vetiva operates in a market that has seen increasing levels of regulation around data sovereignty

We have come a long way from the desktop application and it is highly commendable how far the system has evolved and continues to evolve.

Whilst our users can be highly demanding with requests and support calls, I am encouraged that the system is on the right track, and with more collaboration on all sides, it will only get better in helping us deliver our set goals

Oluwafemi Ojo - Manager, Chief Technology Officer

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