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Why Reliance Infosystems

As a leading integrator of technology solutions, Reliance Infosystems drives business results through the collaboration of our Strategic Technology Business Units (STBU).

Our customers are seeking partners who can assist them in developing long-term strategies that maximize existing technology investments, while simultaneously allowing for the seamless integration of new solutions.

To empower customers to reach their potential, our STGs:

  • Collaborate to develop a clear technology vision of the future
  • Co-develop an effective acquisitions and deployment strategy
  • Implement the solutions that deliver results
  • Maintain these solutions during the appropriate technology lifecycle

Reliance Infosystems maintains this pragmatic focus to ensure that we deliver tangible value through practical technology initiatives.

To identify general technology needs and opportunities for improvement in organizational effectiveness, our experts work closely with you to understand your current IT infrastructure. We may also perform a Strategic Technology Assessment that can include any combination of the following deliverables.

  • Technology Vision & Goals

    How technology, particularly emerging technology, can enhance your business strategy/mission and goals for more effective service delivery and organizational efficiency.

  • Staffing Skill Set Assesment

    What skill sets should your staff have to effectively manage technology and do the individuals in place have those skills? As part of the staffing skill assessment, an in-sourcing vs. service-based assessment can be completed to determine the appropriate balance of internal vs. external resources.

  • Strategic Investment

    Technology that focuses on the organizational mission. A cost benefit analysis is conducted on the multiple options for each potential investment across the IT project portfolio and plan.

  • Timeline & Budget Scenerio

    Multiple budget summary options may be presented based on the scope of the assessment.

  • Evaluation Metrics

    An outline for determining the scope and scale of effectiveness in the recommended technology implementation, which allows for improved management of the IT portfolio.

In terms of focused technology assessments, we can provide analysis and recommendations in the following key areas:

  • Data Center assessment and Optimization

    Server room evaluation, including: storage capacity, physical layout, environmental controls, etc. Read more about Server room evaluation, including: storage capacity, physical layout, environmental controls, etc.

  • Virtualisaton Capacity Planning

    Assessment of server and desktop virtualization readiness

  • Network Assessment And Optimisation

    Complete network review, including: wireless capabilities, security needs, VOIP, telecom broadband service, etc.

  • Visual Communication Assessment

    Readiness check for voice, data and video convergence technology

  • Technology Lifecycle Assessment

    Segmentation of end users, evaluation of technology fleet, and consideration of future technology needs