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Thin Computing

Thin computing can significantly lower your operating costs, increase the quality of your support and reduce your risk. More than ever, business leaders are focused on growing revenues, containing costs and providing a higher level of customer support, whilst reducing the cost of business support activities, such as IT costs

Reliance Infosystems is well positioned with many thin-client vendors like Wyse, Newoare and NCD to implement thin computing for any business category seamlessly. The fundamental approach behind thin computing is simple. Instead of running all applications locally on PCs with all of the associated challenges and costs, applications run centrally and simply deliver screen updates and inputs to clients. If the concept sounds familiar, that’s because it is effectively mainframe computing and dumb terminals on steroids! All the benefits of centralised servers and support staff are realised as are most of the benefits of powerful PCs on desks, including popular Windows applications.

The financial case is clear: thin computing can save 30%-70% of your IT costs. Centralising servers and server support staff leads directly to higher utilisation levels. Simplified software deployment radically reduces rollout costs. Longer lifetimes of windows based terminals reduces capital expenditure. Reduced power consumption directly lowers energy costs, and indirectly lowers cooling requirements.

Thin computing is a sound strategic move - mergers and demergers are a fact of life in the current climate, as are decisions to out-source, out-task, in-source, change suppliers. Thin computing vastly simplifies this process. Adding a new site involves adding WAN & LAN connectivity and deploying devices, without a prolonged need for on-site support staff. No remote servers, no desktop configuration, no need to redesign and integrate e-mail architectures. In many cases, the end-user can connect the device and be working within minutes, without doing any configuration themselves. Out-sourcing desktop management? Just give remote access into your servers and it’s done.

Thin computing is an important option to consider in any organisation’s strategy.Implemented correctly, it can significantly lower your operating costs, increase the quality of your support and reduce your risk. The key is assessing and planning your deployment correctly.