Endpoint Data Protection

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Endpoint Data Protection

More than half of corporate data lies unprotected over endpoints in organizations. Sensitive information like customer data, trade secrets, intellectual property, and legal documents reside over endpoints for their productive use by authorized users. However, easy access by users to portable devices and applications like USBs, DVDs, MP3s, file-sharing applications, Instant Messengers, and more, make it easy for them to maliciously or accidentally leak this data. Today, the cost of lost/stolen data to an organization is massive with lost business resulting in 65% of breach costs, according to research. Hence, organizations need to protect their corporate data at endpoints from unauthorized sharing or leakage by insiders.

Besides, centralized, automated Asset Management is necessary at the endpoint due to the presence of large number of users, branch offices, rise in sophisticated attacks and the resultant bugs and vulnerabilities.

Hence, securing the endpoint to protect corporate data and assets has become critical, with a rapidly rising number of organizations deploying dedicated data protection suites that offer user-level controls when handling data.

  • Prevent endpoint data leakage
  • Extend data security beyond the network
  • Enhance employee productivity by blocking unauthorized applications
  • Streamline IT infrastructure management
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure
  • Reduce malware penetration through patch management
  • Meet security compliance with IT asset management
  • Reduce legal liability and business losses