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Microsoft Volume License Program
Microsoft Volume License program is suitable for organizations with 5 or more PCs, though some schemes require a higher level of commitment. There are various options available in perpetual or non-perpetual forms to cater for the different needs of organizations. Where a subscription benefit is part of the product, that component lasts only for the term of the scheme. Volume licensing programmes are an easy and generally more economic way to buy multiple Microsoft software product licenses. With volume-based licensing, licenses are viewed and administered on a centralized Microsoft licensing site (VLSC - Volume License Service Center).

There are several key benefits of volume licenses which do not apply to retail licenses including re-imaging rights. This means that System Administrators can create a customized image – Operating system, drivers and possibly key apps, using a single volume license key, which can then be rolled out to all licensed machines (rather than customizing each machine individually).

The following schemes are available

Open Licensing
This is the entry-level volume licensing scheme for organizations and generally offers better pricing than Retail (FPP) purchases. Having met the initial entry requirements, the scheme runs for 2 years during which period further licenses can be added one or more at a time as needed. Although the scheme expires, the licenses purchased are perpetual (except for Online Subscription Services) and may be used indefinitely. All payment is up-front at the time of purchase. Software Assurance is optional.

Open Value Licensing
This is a 3-year volume licensing scheme which includes Software Assurance as a standard feature (no license only options). Payment may be up-front in full at the time of purchase, or may be split per year over the term of the scheme, with protected pricing. In general the minimum qualification is five products (any mix) but the Company-wide and Subscription (non-perpetual rental) options are more advantageously priced requiring a commitment, enterprise-wide, to one or more of a small number of key products.

Select Plus
This is a volume license scheme aimed primarily at organizations with at least 250 desktops. It is a perpetual scheme and products are split into the three product pools – Applications, Servers and Systems (independently) which remain active only while product purchases achieve a required level. A Pool can be re-activated at any time by purchasing the minimum qualifying requirements in a single order. Software Assurance is optional.