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Why Hosted Solution?
The concept of cloud has significantly evolved the global computing space making people, processes and technology to be more converged than ever. The days of worrying over whether the ISP has gone down or generator is faulty are fading away; thanks to the commitment of collocation organization whose resolve is to remove the burden of concerns away from organization IT team.

Business continuity, uptime and reliability, disaster management and cost are probably the salient reasons why organization would want to would consider positioning server infrastructure in a managed cloud environment.

Hosting as a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategy There is no formula to predicting when disaster will occur. There are no fool-proof ways to preventing them. Human is yet to invent the technology to subside or stop the raging wing, the hurricane, the tsunami, earth quake, thunder and lighting. Even the disasters that have logical inferences like server crashing, data centre inferno, war, unrest and vandalism are still very much out of human’s control.

Reliance Infosystems hosting solution presents the confidence of data survivability in any instant of disaster. When your server crashes, we are giving you an automated solution that brings up a new server with your most recent data within minutes and with no effort. When your data centre gets gutted by fire, we are giving you the peace of mind that your fully-functional and up-to-the-minute secondary data centre is ready to continue to serve your users with all the servers already in place. These “miracles” are only achievable through virtualization technology and our unique cloud computing solution.

Hosting Models

Depending on your requirement and environment, we recommend one of the following hosting model.

  • Remote Branch Hot Site This model allows companies with hot site-capable facility to be used for DR and BSC site thereby allowing users to either manually or automatically failover to hotsite location when the production site has issues. This solution is wholly-owned by the customer.

  • Private Cloud Hot site The DR and BSC solution is totally outsourced to third party facility. The third party is responsible for hardware, power, data and cooling. The replication technology can be owned by the customer, reseller of platform provider. Reliance Infosystems partners with Rackspace (UK) to provide this solution.

  • Public Cloud Hot Site This model involves the use of Microsoft Azure services to provide site and server replications. The platform and technology is wholly-owned by Microsoft while Reliance Infosystems is involved in the implementation and maintenance of Windows Azure data replication from On-premise locations.

Hosting and Virtualization Technology By virtue of our competency status on Hosting, Reliance Infosystems leverages Windows 2012 R2 HyperV role to implement hosting solution for our customers.

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Role introduces a new capability, Hyper-V Replica, as a built-in replication mechanism at a virtual machine (VM) level. Hyper-V Replica can asynchronously replicate a selected VM running at a primary site to a designated replica site across LAN/WAN. The following schematic presents this concept.

Here both a primary site and a replica site are Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V hosts where a primary site runs production or the so-called primary VMs, while a replica site is standing by with replicated VMs off and to be brought online, should the primary site experiences a planned or unplanned VM outage. Hyper-V Replica requires neither shared storage, nor a specific storage hardware. Once an initial copy is replicated to a replica site and replication is ongoing, Hyper-V Replica will replicate only the changes of a configured primary VM, i.e. the deltas, asynchronously.