Facts & Myths Of Virtualization

Azure Servers Virtualization

Technology accumulates in the data center over time, leaving many organizations in a position where their

For many organizations, a highly virtualized datacenter is just the beginning for realizing large-scale benefits such as improved utilization, reduced floor space, and reduced power costs. With virtualization as the starting point, you can add on to that foundation with highly agile and flexible datacenter services through both private and public cloud solutions.

Technology accumulates in the datacenter over time, leaving many organizations in a position where their IT resources are fully allocated simply maintaining what they have, with no time left over to focus on strategic initiatives. All legacy applications must be maintained. IT organizations have to support existing capabilities while meeting new business needs. Often viewed as a cost center, IT must meet these challenges while operating under tight financial constraints.

Data centers everywhere, especially in a growing economy with repid technological advancements like Nigeria, are being stretched by greater demands for storage from new applications and systems integration projects. As a result, server and storage infrastructure rates have soared 10 to 20 percent per year. When it comes to data center virtualization, Reliance Infosystems has the ability to leverage virtualization broadly and deeply, to achieve vast cost reductions, improve your IT agility and flexibility and realize cloud computing benefits.

Reliance Infosystems provides you with the most comprehensive set of technologies to evolve your datacenter over time. Whether you want to virtualize, build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or have a mix of all three, Microsoft datacenter solutions can help you better manage your datacenter today and accelerate your journey towards cloud computing.