IT Driven Services

Your business requires IT-Driven Services

The ultimate goal of any business organization regarding IT is not the acquisition of servers, software and licenses but whether those “assets” translate into the right services outputs. The high level concerns of IT Managers are rapidly drifting away from “server uptime” to “service availability”. More than ever before, server hardware “asset” are increasingly depreciating faster than they use to. The fast pace of technological evolution rapidly pushes legacy backend IT-ware out of relevance. The Information Technology ecosystems is generally tilting towards service acquisition as opposed to investing in “assets” that will depreciate in no time or at the impulsive end-of-life pronouncements of their OEMs.

A layman analogy is properly depicted with the preference of renting a standard car service to buying a standard car that has 5-year lifespan but only capable of delivering 2 years of “standard service” experience. Since the definition of “standard service” evolves with general drift of complex changes in automobile ecosystem, it makes perfect sense to buy “service asset” that will continue to be relevant in perpetuity. This has a two-prong benefit of considerably reducing your CAPEX and buying relevant services as they evolve.

Using the right binocular, Microsoft traced the future trajectory of technology and services preferences in crafting its constellations of cloud services ranging from Office 365 to Windows Azure and System Center Automation and Endpoint solutions. For a much less cost, business organization will now benefit from reduced server room footprints and on-premise overhead concerns like power, cooling, internet, protection against intrusion and disaster.


Gone are those days when businesses could survive days of server crash because the bulk of business data were still in paper forms. The old glories of rolling up your sleeves to replace ailing hardware, re-format, reinstall OS and application, restore backup and reintegrate services have nowadays been replaced by typical one-button-press restore or full-proof cloud-based platforms that are immune to hardware failure and other on-premised-related outages. Technology trends are gravitating towards the cloud for almost any IT services you can think of.

Today’s IT landscape still features hybrid network where certain services are still kept on-premise either by reason of regulatory compliance or fear of insecurity. Ultimately, on-premise footprints will significantly diminish as the cloud will increasingly remain the universal language of choice. As IT administrator/Manager/Director, this is the time to shift to the cloud. With Office 365 and Windows Azure, you only pay for the services you need, you are assured of connectivity and service availability, you are assured of latest technology offerings and you have plenty of time to dedicate to your organization’s business process automation and service improvement.

Never wait for servers or infrastructure again!. Instantly provision Emails, Windows and Linux VMs, apps, and infrastructure using Microsoft-managed data-centers in 13 regions around the world.