Windows Azure - Data Management Services

Windows Azure provides the right solution for your data needs, from sql database to blobs to tables. Leverage existing skills and gain the scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of the Windows Azure data services.

Mix and match any data

Bring data in its original form and mix and match across a variety of data services for innovative, modern application designs. Windows Azure data services offers a consistent experience with relational and non-relational data, big or small. Optimize the cloud platform for the varying needs of the modern app. Enjoy more choices without making tradeoffs.

Leap ahead with existing skills

Leverage existing skills, including Transact-SQL and relational know-how, to leap ahead with game-changing cloud solutions. Windows Azure data services are built on an open and flexible cloud platform that enables your developers to build applications using any language, tool or framework. Looking to extend your datacenter to the cloud? Windows Azure enables you to innovate on top of existing investments and unlock new opportunities.

Enjoy scalability and cost-effectiveness

Regardless of data service, you can count on the global availability of Windows Azure with data centers in eight regions, built-in geo-replication for storage, and cloud elasticity to support dynamic scale. Competitive pricing and management controls help you control costs. Just set maximums, and pay only for the storage and compute you use.