Benefits of using the CLOUD

Weighing the thought for the Cloud

Many businesses are facing evolving challenges of keeping services up 24×7. A decade ago, mid-size businesses typically used 3COM modems to hook on to ISP platforms for Internet and Email services. Server rooms were powered down at close of business and brought up the next day. These were the norms back in time!

The landscape is however fast-changing. No meaningful organization can afford to shutdown services at off-hours. Consequently, organizations have to bear the additional overhead of sustaining power, cooling and connectivity. Some businesses even maintain secondary data centers for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes thereby doubling overhead costs.

A safety net then came in a name we had hitherto ascribed to the lumpy forms in the sky. At the mention of the cloud, any uninformed CEO will think of bear exposure of organization information asset to the public domain.

Depending on the security architecture of cloud platforms, on-premise infrastructure are no better bunkers than a carefully designed Private Cloud. Also public cloud platforms like OFFICE 365 have undergone stringent scrutiny in their designs to ensure adequate security if managed by qualified persons.

In partnership with Microsoft, Reliance Infosystems provides public and private cloud services to all sizes of businesses. Our seasoned professionals can assist your organization to design and deploy a cost-effective cloud solution for your organization helping you to save cost while relieving your employee of the administrative overheads attached to maintaining on-premise server farm.