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People are doing amazing things with Azure. Check out featured testimonies below:


Like other major manufacturing companies worldwide, Hustle Nig. Plc needed a better, faster, and cheaper way to manage and analyze large amounts of data. We took major steps forward in meeting that need with a comprehensive data approach based on Microsoft Azure Storage technologies. Our data strategy is paying off with solutions that come to market faster, cost less to build and maintain, and enable the company to build its business and to serve its customers in entirely new ways.

-Mr. Adewale (CTO, Hustle Nig. Plc)

Supermarket (Retail Chain)

The key to my retail business is keeping fingers on the inventory as well as some important analytics such as charts and on-demand reports. Our Local systems lack the processing power to meet this Business Intelligence requirement. Since moving on to Microsoft Azure platform, it seems like the whole mighty servers is at our disposal. I can review my inventory on my phone from anywhere, at any time, even when I am feeding my baby!!!

-Mrs. Yinka Adewale (MD, Dynamic Stores)

Importer & Exporter

Our clients do not care about our IT systems, but they do care when we cannot ship product or issue an invoice. Our brand rests on the continuity of our IT systems. With an On-premises infrastructure connected to the Microsoft Azure platform, we at Hennex Limited can now deliver services faster and scale up or down quickly to meet changing needs.

-Mr. Emeka Uba (IT Manager, Hennex Limited )

Health Care Management

With numerous providers in every state of the country coupled with thousands of enrollee changing their locations at all times, we needed to provide health services to enrollees regardless of their geographical locations. To address this need, we moved our data onto Microsoft Azure to manage information like Authorization documents, encounters spreadsheet and enrollees’ eligibility status/plans. Providers can quickly confirm enrollees’ plans with any simple device such as mobile phone. Any modification to enrollee document is reflected immediately across all geographies, which helps maintain data consistency and accuracy.

-Dr Adefowope Ajala (MD, TrueHealth Medicaid)


Developing and hosting our ATM Monitoring software on Microsoft Azure, we were able to get it from concept to pilot very quickly—in about three weeks—and positioned it for equally quick adoption. Now our financial institution gets better visibility into ATM terminals’ health status. We are also able to proactively assist customers and identify customer engagement opportunities. With the highly scalable features of Microsoft Azure and its uninterrupted uptime, we have been able to reduce teller traffic, physical branch size, staffing requirement and operational cost.

-Mr Jejelaye (CEO, Owodara Microfinance Bank)

Agriculture Export

XYD International is the most successful exporter of Kiwifruit from Lagos to Indonesia. After the business was disrupted by an earthquake and plant virus, we decided to move our mission-critical SAP systems to Microsoft Azure. With this move, XYD International has reduced its IT scalability to accommodate global growth. XYD can maintain great SAP performance by adding Azure resources in minutes.

-Mrs. Sandra Abola (XYD Manager of Information Systems)

Vote Microsoft Azure

What more can we say about Microsoft Azure. The industry stakeholders have all confirmed that Azure is the new platform of choice. Whatever industry you are, Microsoft Azure can help you drive your business so you can immediately deliver innovative services with zero capex. If you desire huge reduction in your IT expenditure, Vote for Microsoft Azure!


HEINEKEN Uses the Cloud to Reach 10.5 Million Consumers in Global Marketing Campaign

“Nobody does it better” than secret agent James Bond. So it was natural that when world-class brewer HEINEKEN launched a global marketing campaign, it would partner with the Bond franchise. And when that campaign needed an equally first-class cloud platform, HEINEKEN turned to Microsoft Azure. HEINEKEN then used Azure for promotions that were even more technically demanding, including one with the UEFA Champions League. Azure “put our stakeholders at ease,” says an executive.

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